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Tuition style Video Lectures by Hoven for Rs. 650/- only (cash on delivery). 380+ Video Lectures, 1850+ previous years questions solved and explained step by step. Questions classified by type. You can watch the vidoes OFFLINE. Internet is NOT required. One time purchase, lifetime, unlimited validity. Free delivery through courier as well as download links. Windows PC and Android Phones/Tablets supported. These videos discuss theory also, and exam questions also. Recommended for Bank PO, SSC, GATE, CTET, CDS, RRB, RBI Exams, NTSE and any maths aptitude exam.

Videos by Hoven for Rs. 650/- only (cash on delivery).

  1. 380+ Personal Tuition Style Video Lectures covering 35+ chapters and 1850+ solved questions classified by type.
  2. Complete coverage of Aptitude and Reasoning New Pattern.
  3. All videos can be watched OFFLINE. Internet is NOT required for watching the videos.
  4. Average duration of each video is 25 mins.
  5. Videos on Windows can be played at faster speeds such as 1.0x, 1.6x, 2.0x. So you can watch the videos in even lesser time.
  6. Videos can be run on both Windows PC and on Android Phones.
  7. UNLIMITED YEARS Validity.
  8. Free delivery through DTDC courier.

Two Steps for Purchase

These are the steps for purchasing these videos:

Step 1: Pay Rs. 120 Advance

We need to know that you are a serious buyer. So you will have to pay an advance of Rs. 120 so that we can dispatch the DVDs. Write to SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM for more information. IMPORTANT: DO NOT PAY ANY AMOUNT TO THE COURIER DELIVERY PERSON.

Step 2: Get DVDs by Courier and then Pay Rs. 530

You will have to make the payment after you get the courier. The courier is dispatched through DTDC. So you will have to be sure that your area is serviced by DTDC. IMPORTANT: DO NOT PAY ANY AMOUNT TO THE COURIER DELIVERY PERSON.

Any Questions? Write to: SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM

List of Videos that you will Get

This is the complete chapter-wise list of video tutorials that you will get by paying Rs. 650/- only. The DVDs will contain all of them arranged in chapters shown below. You will get nothing less, nothing more.

Click here for Sample Videos

  1. Data Interpretation (21 Lectures)
  2. Sitting Arrangement Puzzles (9 Lectures)
  3. Number Series, Find Wrong Number and Missing Numbers (10 Lectures)
  4. Machine Input Output (4 Lectures)
  5. Quadratic Equations (11 Lectures)
  6. Venn Diagrams (10 lectures)
  7. Simplification and Speed Math (14 Lectures)
  8. Speed and Distance (12 Lectures)
  9. Averages (16 Lectures)
  10. Boats and Streams (4 Lectures)
  11. Compound Interest (13 Lectures)
  12. Cubes and Cube Roots (4 Lectures)
  13. Discount (7 Lectures)
  14. Mixtures and Alligations (11 Lectures)
  15. Number Systems (24 Lectures)
  16. HCF and LCM (10 Lectures)
  17. Partnerships (3 Lectures)
  18. Percentages (20 Lectures)
  19. Pipes and Cisterns (9 Lectures)
  20. Problems on Ages (4 Lectures)
  21. Problems on Trains (11 Lectures)
  22. Profit and Loss (18 Lectures)
  23. Ratio (15 Lectures)
  24. Simple Interest (9 Lectures)
  25. Squares and Square Roots (4 Lectures)
  26. Surds and Indices (8 Lectures)
  27. Time and Work (21 Lectures)
  28. Algebraic Factorization (9 Lectures)
  29. Algebraic Identities (7 Lectures)
  30. Circles Chords and Subtended Angles (12 Lectures)
  31. Congruency and Similarity (10 Lectures)
  32. Convex Concave and Regular Polygons (2 Lectures)
  33. Lines and Angles (8 Lectures)
  34. Mensuration (21 Lectures)
  35. Mensuration-3D (18 Lectures)
  36. Parallelograms and Polygons (6 Lectures)

Why Buy Hoven's Videos?

  1. Yes, you have an option of learning from the free Youtube videos. But has anyone cleared an exam by learning only from the free stuff? Why? Because it is never systematically arranged. There is no focus. There is no continuity. Nor are the videos professionally prepared.
  2. Hoven Sir specializes only in Math Aptitude Videos. So he has a focus, and his solutions have an authenticity.
  3. Hoven's Videos can be watched offline, without any distracting Ads.
  4. Learn on your Android Tablet also, anywhere, while travelling. No internet required.
  5. Very good audio and video quality.
  6. Learn in the comfort of your home, utilize your after-office time to upgrade your skills and systematically prepare for your aptitude exams.
  7. Of course, you will need to buy a good textbook, by a good and responsible publisher. Don't try to save money when buying a book. Don't buy my videos before you have a book with you. Hoven's videos will come handy as you prepare through each topic. Solutions have been explained threadbare, often very slowly. And please don't waste time in running from one institute to another. You will repent later. Be patient and prepare each topic step by step. This is the only strategy that always works.
Videos are in simple and to-the-point English.
Place your ORDER !!! Write to: SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM


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Sir u r teaching way is very good and I understand now how we solve puzzle
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