Guru HarGobind Ji

Guru HarGobind Ji (1595-1644) was the sixth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism.

Guru HarGobind

Guru HarGobind Ji (1595-1644) was the sixth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism.

He became Guru on the 11 of June, 1606. While the ceremonial rites were being performed by Baba Buddha Ji, Guru HarGobind asked Baba Buddha Ji to adorn him with a sword rather than the Seli of Guru Nanak Dev which had been used previously by the earlier Gurus.

Guru Nanak

After the extreme torture of Guru Arjan Dev, the Guru pondered over the problem and finally reached the conclusion that militarization of Sikhism was necessary.

Guru HarGobind did not neglect the work of preaching and spreading the Sikh faith. He sent his Sikhs to distant places, such as Bengal and Bihar, to preach Sikhism. Bhai Gurdas mentions in his second var the names of Nawal and Nihala, two sabharwal khatris who established their business in Bihar, and under whose influence many locals adopted Sikhism.

Guru HarGobind never abandoned the true character of Guru Nanak, whom he succeeded and whose teachings he had to spread in this world.

Later years

Guru HarGobind constructed the Akal Takht (God's throne) in front of Harmandar Sahib in 1606. The Akal Takht was the first Takht in the history of the Sikhs.

It was the third day of March in year 1644. Guru Ji called his followers and passed on the Guruship to his grandson, Sri Har Rai Ji in their presence. He passed away that same evening.

Historical Gurdwaras

Gurdwara Kiratpur Sahib (passed away)

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