5 Best Sites for Sikh Baby Names

Following is a list of websites that have suggestions for Sikh baby names. These have been listed in the decreasing order of my personal rating. Write to me if the links do not work, or if you have something to add!

Mom Junction

This site presents a list of more than 900 Sikh names with meanings, in an easy to read format. The unique thing is that it also provides a pronunciation of each name.

The link is Sikh Baby Names

The Health Site

This site contains an excellent collection of names that can be searched by the starting alphabet. The site is not a site specifically for Sikh names - it contains names of almost every religion. The names can be searched by Gender, Syllables and Numerlogy also, although Numerology is rarely followed in Sikh traditions.

The link is Baby Names

Pampers India

This site belongs to the well known Pampers company. It provides a good list of names - again listed gender-wise. There's also a list of names inspired by celebrities. The page hasn't been updated since 2021.

The link is Pampers India Baby Names

The Parentlane Site

This site gives a collection of 200 names with meanings. Half of these are baby boy names, and the other half are the baby girl names - though both can be interchanged many times. Some names are traditional, whereas some are modern.

The link is Best Punjabi Names

Website BabyCenter

The site has listed the names under three different categories - boy, girl and gender neutral. The names seem to be a mix of old and trending names. Some names are really good - Sidak, Teghnoor, whereas some names such as Sukhbir, Vikramjeet are a bit outdated now.

The link is Baby Center

Baby Names at Sikhism Guide

This site lists a very small number of names. Some names, such as Ravinder, Raveena, etc., are no longer common now. It also seems to be a site that has created this page just for the sake of it.

The link is Common Sikh Baby Names

Last Reviewed: 18-Jun-2024
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