Hukm, Naam and Sewa

When a Sikh realizes that she is a part of the Natural scheme, she sheds her false ego and enters a state of peace and happiness. She becomes a Keertan singer. Such a mind is compassionate and always ready to work for a better world.

What is Hukm?

Hukm is an Arabic word that means an order that must be obeyed without question.

No human, no organism, no stone, and for that matter, nobody has any control over the Will of God. An event has no choice over its occurrence and its consequences.

Events occur because they were already on that course.

This seemingly simple thing is very difficult to accept and understand in practice because life presents complex situations that tempt us towards un-necessary conflict and struggle.

As you can see, the challenge before a Sikh is about the realization of this fundamental truth, and of a clear-cut understanding that he/she is a part of the broader scheme of things presented by Nature, or God.

Such a realized mind is said to be one with God.

What is Naam?

Naam is a synonym for Hukm, and also for the state of a sikh who understands Hukm.

A realized sikh experiences a relaxed mind that makes him/her sing for God.

The song of God, or Naam, is best done through Keertan, i.e., baani sung in a specific tune or raag of classical music. For the convenience of non-sikhs, the word baani means the shabads contained in the text of Guru Granth Sahib.

What is Seva?

A singing, relaxed and happy mind is always compassionate.

A sikh, therefore, stands in the service of mankind. The first Guru - Guru Nanak - had a soft mind for the downtrodden, hungry and the needy.

Seva means service, which includes free food, education, cleanliness, environmental concerns so that the world becomes a better place.


A Sikh begins by realizing that he is a part of a bigger scheme of things. This realization causes her to shed her ego.

As we all know, ego is the false feeling of the ability to control the world and bring others to obedience.

A mind free of ego is relaxed, happy and always singing, and always compassionate towards others.

This is what Sikhism is all about!

Last Reviewed: 18-Jun-2024
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