Worldly Life and Sikhism

A Sikh lives through the struggles and challenges of life. He doesn’t run away from the world into asceticism.

Place of Mysticism in Sikhism

Guru Nanak entered into long discussions with the ascetics and mystics of that period. He documented them into a baani called Sidh Gosti.

The main message he conveys is that mysticism and ascetism are futile pursuits.

Approach to Worldly Life

Sikhism doesn't approve of running away from the world and escaping into mysticism and asceticism.

A Sikh has to live through the struggle of life.

The correct way of dealing with the failures, successes, and challenges of life is to develop a broad understanding that things are not under our control; the right approach being to train ourselves towards acceptance of Hukm.

A Sikh earns her livelihood through hard work. She asks God to help her understand His Hukm. She is always ready to be in the service and Sewa of His creation.

Last Reviewed: 18-Jun-2024
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