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  1. Published: 14-May-2021
    Calculate the wavenumber for the longest wavelength transition in the Balmer series of atomic hydrogen.

  2. Published: 14-May-2021
    (i) The energy associated with the first orbit in the hydrogen atom is -2.18 × 10-18 J atom-1. What is the energy associated with the fifth orbit? (ii) Calculate the radius of Bohr's fifth orbit for hydrogen atom.

  3. Published: 13-May-2021
    What is the maximum number of emission lines when the excited electron of a H atom in n = 6 drops to the ground state?

  4. Published: 13-May-2021
    How much energy is required to ionise a H atom if the electron occupies n = 5 orbit? Compare your answer with the ionization enthalpy of H atom ( energy required to remove the electron from n =1 orbit)

  5. Published: 12-May-2021
    What is the wavelength of light emitted when the electron in a hydrogen atom undergoes transition from an energy level with n = 4 to an energy level with n = 2?

  6. Published: 12-May-2021
    Electrons are emitted with zero velocity from a metal surface when it is exposed to radiation of wavelength 6800 Å. Calculate threshold frequency (ν0 ) and work function (W0 ) of the metal.

  7. Published: 11-May-2021
    A 25 watt bulb emits monochromatic yellow light of wavelength of 0.57µm. Calculate the rate of emission of quanta per second.

  8. Published: 10-May-2021
    Electromagnetic radiation of wavelength 242 nm is just sufficient to ionise the sodium atom. Calculate the ionisation energy of sodium in kJ mol-1.

  9. Published: 10-May-2021
    A photon of wavelength 4 × 10-7 m strikes on metal surface, the work function of the metal being 2.13 eV. Calculate (i) the energy of the photon (eV), (ii) the kinetic energy of the emission, and (iii) the velocity of the photoelectron (1 eV= 1.6020 × 10-19 J).

  10. Published: 10-May-2021
    What is the number of photons of light with a wavelength of 4000 pm that provide 1J of energy?

  11. Published: 09-May-2021
    Yellow light emitted from a sodium lamp has a wavelength (λ) of 580 nm. Calculate the frequency (ν) and wavenumber (ν) of the yellow light.

  12. Published: 09-May-2021
    (i) Calculate the total number of electrons present in one mole of methane. (ii) Find (a) the total number and (b) the total mass of neutrons in 7 mg of 14C. (Assume that mass of a neutron = 1.675 × 10-27 kg). (iii) Find (a) the total number and (b) the total mass of protons in 34 mg of NH3 at STP. Will the answer change if the temperature and pressure are changed ?

  13. Published: 08-May-2021
    (i) Calculate the number of electrons which will together weigh one gram. (ii) Calculate the mass and charge of one mole of electrons.