Course on ASP.NET Core 5

This is a $10 step by step video course for learning ASP.NET Core. Learn from the comfort of your home. Each topic is explained in a beginner's language. See the table of contents below for the clear roadmap.

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Following are the details of this course:


What will I get? Ans: See the TOC below. You will get download links for video tutorials + source code for each program that we discuss. The links never expire.

Will I need internet? Ans: You will need internet only for downloading the videos to your hard disk. The links never expire. The videos can be played any number of times and for any number of years to come!

What should be my next step? Ans: Write to SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM to know more.

Payment mode? Ans: Buyers outside India pay $10 through PayPal. Indian buyers pay Rs. 600 through PayU.

Chapters covered in this Course

Following is the table of chapters covered in this video course.

Ch1 - Razor Pages
  1. L01 - Primer on Razor Pages
  2. L02 - Your First Razor Web App
  3. L03 - CSS, JS and _Layout
  4. L04 - Sending Data from PageModel to Page
  5. L05 - Sending Model from PageModel to a Page
  6. L06 - POST back a Model from a Page to a PageModel
  7. L07 - A better form with Tag Helpers
Ch2 - Database Connectivity
  1. L01 - Various Database Options and the initial Setup
  2. L02 - Creating the Database with EnsureCreated
  3. L03 - Saving a FORM data to our database
  4. L04 - Displaying Data and OnGetAsync
  5. L05 - Deleting Records and the Anchor Tag Helper
  6. L06 - Updating Records and the Form Tag Helper
  7. L07 - ALTER SQL, FromSqlRaw and Migrations
  8. L08 - Dropdown, Radio Buttons and Checkbox
Ch3 - Master Detail Project
  1. L01 - The Project that we have to build
  2. L02 - Creating the Model Classes
  3. L03 - Getting the Startup.cs ready
  4. L04 - Writing the Index Razor Page
  5. L05 - Writing the Teachers Razor Page
  6. L06 - Reading the Query String on Publications Page
  7. L07 - Publications Razor Page and Conclusion
Ch4 - State Management
  1. L01 - Reading and WritingCookies
  2. L02 - Writing a Cookie Consent Banner
  3. L03 - Consent Banner with ITrackingConsentFeature
  4. L04 - The Concept of Session
  5. L05 - Serializing DateTime into Session
  6. L06 - TempData for the Next Request
Ch5 - Project on Cookie based Authentication
  1. L01 - The Project that we have to build
  2. L02 - What is an XSRF attack?
  3. L03 - Getting the Startup.cs ready
  4. L04 - Writing the backing class of the Login Page
  5. L05 - Razor Markup for the Login Page
  6. L06 - AuthorizationAttribute and Role based Protection
  7. L07 - Displaying ClaimsPrincipal Fields and SignOut
  8. L08 - Security Issues and Conclusion
Ch6 - Ajax Communication
  1. L01 - Bare minimum Ajax based Razor Form
  2. L02 - Ajax GET Request with Parameters
  3. L03 - Ajax based Cascading Dropdowns
  4. L04 - Ajax based EBook style Admin Panel
  5. L05 - Add Authenticaton to the Ajax Admin Panel
  6. L06 - Javascript scheme for in-place, inline editing
  7. L07 - Mini Project on Ajax based inline editing of rows
  8. L08 - AJAX POST of data Independent of an XSRF Form
Ch7 - Modularity
  1. L01 - ViewImports
  2. L02 - Areas
  3. L03 - Razor Components (17 mins) (watch sample)
  4. L04 - Currency Converter Component (20 mins) (watch sample)
  5. L05 - Partial Views for Menu (11:49 mins) (watch sample)

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