C# ASP.NET Core with Razor Pages and Project (detailed)

This is a step by step video course for learning ASP.NET Core. Learn from the comfort of your home. Each topic is explained in a beginner's language. A clear roadmap is followed. A project "Find a doctor" is covered as the course progresses. Downloads have been attached to each chapter. Video tutorials are in high quality audio.
(Rev. 30-Sep-2022)

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What will I get? Ans: See the TOC. Downloads of the source code in zipped form are provided for (i) each and every program, (ii) exercise solutions as well as (iii) of each step of the completion of the project.

Prequisites? Ans: Working knowledge of C#, RDBMS concepts, html5, css and working knowledge of javascript.

Versions? Ans: The course applies to .NET Core 6, .NET 6 and later. Visual Studio 2022 and later.

Project? Ans: A project "Find a Doctor" is completed as the course progresses. This project covers all the common scenarios that a web developer has to deal with. Doctors and patients can update their profiles, and patients can search for doctors of various specializations and in various cities. A consultation + payment loop is fully built in this project. Even though the project is "Find a Doctor", but it can be thought of as a "customer-service provider project". Hence, it can be modified for a website where customers search for plumbers, technicians, etc., or for a website where students search for teachers of various subjects.

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Expiry/Validity? Ans: Lifetime validity. Watch as many times.

Whatsapp Contact? Ans: Send me a whatsapp click here

EMail Contact? Ans: Send me an email for free coupon - SALES.HOVEN@GMAIL.COM

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