C# 11 Projects with Step-by-Step Explanation and SOURCE CODE

Pay $10 and get all the following C# .NET Core Projects with Source Code. Code has been written with new C# features and syntax. Master the art of building projects with C#. The projects are interesting and close to real world examples. Read the page for details. All of them have been published on Udemy - see the link below.
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List of Projects you get with SOURCE CODE ↓

Following is the list of projects:

Project 1 - LAN Voting Project

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This project creates an HTTP Server on a Windows PC. The server presents an html page to a connecting client. The page contains html and javascript for communication with the server. The server is capable of serving json to ajax requests coming from the html page. A mobile phone can be used to connect to the application. The phone must be on the same wifi network.

Project 2 - Processing a CSV File

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A text file contains an unknown number of records. Each record is of the format ABCD,N where ABCD is the code of a supplier and N is a sequence of digits for the amount billed. For example CHD1,34678 is a record with a supplier code of CHD1 and billed amount of 34678. Your program has to read all the records and output a report in a file where all the records are arranged in the increasing order of the amount. The last line shows the sum total. If there is an error in any record the program should exit by printing "Error at record--- ".

Audio Extractor with FFMPEG

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This project extracts audio from a video file and saves it as an MP3 file.

Possible benefits to you:

  1. Interfacing C# Console to FFMPEG.
  2. Learning audio extraction FFMPEG commands.
  3. Use for enhancing your resume.
  4. Use in your future projects like video processing etc.

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