List of Posts written during Sep 2020

This is a list of of posts written during the month Sep 2020
(Rev. 28-Jun-2024)

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List of Posts

This is the complete list of categories of posts written during Sep 2020. They have been ordered by the publish date, with the most recent first.

  1. Published: 03-Sep-2020
    This tutorial explains the Startup class in ASP.NET, along with the methods of this class. We also explain how a custom middleware can be attached by IStartupFilter.

  2. Published: 16-Sep-2020
    This tutorial explains everything necessary to get you started with the middleware in ASPNET Core. We explain the built-in middleware components as well as the Use, Map and Run extension methods through practical code.

  3. Published: 18-Sep-2020
    Use the concepts learnt till now, and without using razor, and without mvc framework, create a contact form that has a text box (cusName) and a date picker (meetOn), and that posts data to your core application. The application echoes this data back to the browser.

  4. Published: 20-Sep-2020
    This program reads the 512 bytes of the boot sector of a USB pendrive and displays them on the console window. The program has been tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10. It is based on the Win32 API CreateFile and Read. The program MUST be run with administrative access. Otherwise it fails.

  5. Published: 23-Sep-2020
    This is a summary of the concepts of routing and route templates in core. We have taken a practical exercise to develop the concepts in an interesting way.

  6. Published: 25-Sep-2020
    Write an ASP.NET Core application such that the route "/home/index/N", where N is any int number, executes only if the website is hosted on port 67291 of "" or "". It should return 404 even if it is hosted on any subdomain like "*"?

  7. Published: 27-Sep-2020
    Some, not all, routes need a daily downtime between 17 hrs to 18 hrs. So they have to be shut during that period so that no requests are processed. Any request has to be redirected to another page or a website, say, How should that be implemented?

  8. Published: 28-Sep-2020
    This is a C++ program that prints the size of any file in bytes. Only three lines of code required! We use the ifstream class to open the file for reading. Then position the file pointer to the end. Lastly, read the position to obtain the file size!

  9. Published: 29-Sep-2020
    This program writes a byte array of 512 bytes to the boot sector of a thumb drive. The byte array is a small assembly code that prints HELLO to the monitor when the PC is booted from the pen drive. The program has been tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10. The program MUST be run with administrative access. Otherwise it fails.