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This is a list of of posts written during the month Mar 2022
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  1. Published: 03-Mar-2022
    Two factor authentication gives additional security to a login process. But this type of authentication has to be specifically enabled by a user. For this he clicks a button to receive an authentication code or token. This token is provided by the core app. After that he installs an authenticator app from Microsoft, or from Google or from IOS Play Stores. Then he has to enter that authentication code into the authenticator app and receive a code from that app. This code is then entered into the core application, and the two factor authentication gets enabled. In this tutorial we shall add a razor page to enable two factor authentication.

  2. Published: 18-Mar-2022
    Consider a user who has enabled 2-factor authentication as explained in the previous tutorial. Such a user is required to authenticate twice before he can access the pages of a website. The first authentication is through the common login page, and then immediately after that he is redirected to a second login page where he has to enter a validation code obtained from his Google, Microsoft or IOS authenticator app. The purpose of this tutorial is to complete the second login page - also called 2-factor login page.

  3. Published: 26-Mar-2022
    The purpose of this tutorial is to add the functionality that allows a user to disable his 2-factor authentication. For this we shall have to modify the _LoginPartial page so that the disable 2-factor authentication link is shown to him.

  4. Published: 28-Mar-2022
    This tutorial starts with a beginner's introduction to the concept of web api. After that we create a basic structure of a project that will help us learn about various types of web api - which will be serially covered in the next coming tutorials.