(C# ASP.NET Core) Billing, Inventory and Shopping with BarCodes ASP.NET Core Project

Customers visit a retail store and use their mobile phone camera to scan barcodes to add items to their shopping cart. The shopping cart is held in a cookie. They can remove an item from their cart, they can add more quantity of an item. Once they pay, the shopping cart is transferred to their invoice bill, and a corresponding reduction of the store inventory takes place. The project is completed in about 9/10 steps. Source code is given/included.
(Rev. 04-Jun-2024)

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Features of this Project

Following are the features of this project!

  1. Entirely written in ASP.NET core C# 11 and .NET Core 7.
  2. Integrates barcode scanning with Android phone through JavaScript. Barcode scanning is available in Chrome or Edge running on Android phone/IOS Apple phone.
  3. OTP based login has been used.
  4. Bar code scanning with Android Phone (pure javascript NOT C#).
  5. Shop Managers can SCAN BAR CODES and add Inventory.
  6. Stock and Reports.
  7. Customers scan bar codes with Phone (self service).
  8. Invoice generated automatically.
  9. Inventory subtracted automatically.
  10. Invoice history.

Video Explanation (see it happen!)

Please watch the following youtube video:

Source Code

Please visit this page for Source Code - Source code here

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