List of Posts written during Apr 2020

This is a list of of posts written during the month Apr 2020
(Rev. 28-Jun-2024)

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List of Posts

This is the complete list of categories of posts written during Apr 2020. They have been ordered by the publish date, with the most recent first.

  1. Published: 01-Apr-2020
    If secθ + tanθ = p, then the value of (p² - 1)/(p² + 1)

  2. Published: 01-Apr-2020
    In a triangle ABC, AC = 8.4 cm, BC = 14 cm. P is a point on AB such that CP = 11.2 cm and angle ACP = angle B. What is the length BP?

  3. Published: 01-Apr-2020
    A man buys an article for Rs. 576 after getting 20% discount. He spends an additional Rs. 224 on it and sells it at 24% profit calculated on MRP. Find his actual profit?