List of Posts written during Feb 2023

This is a list of of posts written during the month Feb 2023
(Rev. 09-Jun-2024)

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  1. Published: 09-Feb-2023
    Customers visit a retail store and use their mobile phone camera to scan barcodes to add items to their shopping cart. The shopping cart is held in a cookie. They can remove an item from their cart, they can add more quantity of an item. Once they pay, the shopping cart is transferred to their invoice bill, and a corresponding reduction of the store inventory takes place. The project is completed in about 9/10 steps. Source code is given/included.

  2. Published: 10-Feb-2023
    This ASP.NET Core Project is a proof of concept that allows a user to keep a record of the locations that an android phone travels. The user has to first pair his device to this portal. For this the user has to install the android app [source code of the C# .NET MAUI project is attached]. When this app is opened the first time, it shows a pairing code. The user has to enter that pairing code in the ASP.NET Core Portal (see intro video). Custom middleware has been used to store location data of each user (tenant) in a separate database. Source code is given/included.

  3. Published: 20-Feb-2023
    This post describes quick steps for getting started with ESP32-WROOM Series module right from unboxing to loading and running your first LED Blinking project with C Programming Language and PlatformIO IDE. We describe four steps with source code on this same page.