(C# ASP.NET Core) Realtime Auction with SignalR, WebApi and pure Javascript

This ASP.NET Core WebApi Project doesn't contain any razor pages. It has been written with a few minimal web api - a client browser connects to the web api through plain javascript. There's only one javascript file called main.js that contains all the web api calls. The file can be customized to display dates, currencies and UTC Offset in your local format. JWT Token based authentication, Cookie authentication and role based are all suitably used for authentication and authorization. An admin configures an auction by setting base price, increment amount and the name of the property or item to be auctioned. The Administrator creates user-ids for bidders. The bidders bid and the latest bid is shown in realtime.
(Rev. 18-Jun-2024)

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Features of this Project

Following are the features of this project!

  1. Authentication is JWT Token/Cookie based.
  2. Administrator can create an Auction. Set the base price, set the increment per bid.
  3. Administrator gives a human readable name of auction. Sets Start date and time. Also sets End time and date (X). (Bid finally closes at (X) or last bid time + 15 minutes whichever is later)
  4. Administrator can set remarks - hidden from bidders.
  5. Administrator can create bidders because bidders are known in advance.
  6. The Administrator is able to see a table of users with column for last bid + time, sorted by bid amount. He is also able to see the time when the bid closes.
  7. Bidders can participate in an auction. A bidder cannot make more than 5 consecutive bids.
  8. Bids can be made in a fixed increment only.
  9. Bidder's own bid will be marked as "your own". The administrator can push realtime messages to the participants.
  10. The auction proceeds till the end time or till the last bid time + 15 minutes whichever is later.
  11. Current bid price, his own bid price, next bid price along with time are displayed to a Bidder.

Video Explanation (see it happen!)

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Source Code

Please visit this page for Source Code - Source code here

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