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This is a list of of posts written during the month Jul 2021
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  1. Published: 13-Jul-2021
    Which one of the following statements is incorrect in relation to ionization enthalpy? (a) Ionization enthalpy increases for each successive electron. (b) The greatest increase in ionization enthalpy is experienced on removal of electron from core noble gas configuration. (c) End of valence electrons is marked by a big jump in ionization enthalpy. (d) Removal of electron from orbitals bearing lower n value is easier than from orbital having higher n value.

  2. Published: 13-Jul-2021
    Considering the elements B, Al, Mg, and K, the correct order of their metallic character is ?

  3. Published: 14-Jul-2021
    Considering the elements B, C, N, F, and Si, the correct order of their non-metallic character is?

  4. Published: 23-Jul-2021
    Write a program to print all the subsequences of an int array. The subsequences must be contiguous. For example, the subsequences of {4, 0, -7} would be: {4}, {4, 0}, {4, 0, -7}, {0}, {0, -7} and {-7}!

  5. Published: 25-Jul-2021
    Prove that for any constant k, the order of growth of log^k N is linear order O(N), where O(N) is the big O notation for the linear growth order.